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Anything and everything will be posted on my blog. Depressed, but not always. Bipolar if you prefer. But just accept it. You are now, officially, a glob child.
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if I ever kill myself, make sure my mom knows it was because of her. I want her to know what she did to me.

The other day, we were getting pretty intense, and i was sitting down, with my legs out, and he was on my lap, and he said, “this is a little awkward, I don’t know how we got into this position” and i said “
 I don’t know either, but it’s different and I like it, who cares”. It was indeed different, but good different.

Ok, so, it turns out, after many years of contemplating, and depression, I’m actually not crazy, im being raised by a complete dumb ass

can we end this war


my heart says yes but my mom says no

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list of things we could do if you were here right now:

  • cuddle
  • make out
  • fall asleep in each others’ arms
  • make out more

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riding your man like


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